London Sexual Health Programme (LSHP)


+ How does the London Sexual Health Programme work?

The LSHP is a partnership of 31 London local authorities who work together to co-ordinate sexual health services across the capital.

While local authorities commission local sexual health services, they work together through the London Sexual Health Programme to create consistent commissioning frameworks for these services.

In practice, this means that most sexual health services are integrated, with contraception, testing and treatment now available under one roof in most clinics across.

It also means that similar rates are paid across London for comparable services, meaning both clinics and local authorities can better plan their budgets.

Local authorities have also worked through the LSHP with the NHS to create the online Sexual Health London service.

+ How will the changes introduced by the London Sexual Health Programme meet rising demand for sexual health services?

While demand for sexual health services is rising in London, the changes introduced by the London Sexual Health Programme have been designed to improve access by allowing people to access services when it suits them, whether that’s by visiting a clinic or accessing services online.

With the introduction of the Sexual Health London service, over 100,000 of the 1m annual sexual health tests in London now take place online, making sure that clinics are freed up from routine sexual health tests on people with no symptoms and can dedicate more face-to-face appointments to people most in need.

Contraception, testing and treatment services are also now all available in most clinics across the capital, meaning people can access the sexual health services they need under one roof without having to go elsewhere or make repeated trips.