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About the London Sexual Health Programme

The London Sexual Health Programme supports commissioners and clinicians to improve the sexual health and well being of Londoners. The programme works to promote efficient and effective commissioning that ensures high quality, open access, Sexual and Reproductive Health Services to prevent and treat sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. LSHP also acts as a hub and umbrella agency to link stakeholders and assure equity, quality, consistency and integration at all levels of care from across primary, community, secondary and specialised care. 

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Our Achievements for London

The LSHP negotiated a London condom scheme, saving £3 million in three years. (2008-2011)

 The LSHP and Government Offices of London Teenage Pregnancy Unit worked jointly to reduce under-18 conception rate and improve sexual health of young people in region. 

 The LSHP continues to support London PCTs who achieved 21.1% overall Chlamydia screening coverage in 2010-11, the highest screening coverage in England 

The LSHP support to PCTs and Clusters has transformed London into the top performing SHA in reducing teenage conceptions and in the National Chlamydia Screening Programme.

 The LSHP negotiated, on behalf of PCTs, a reduction in HIV drug prices resulting in an annual saving of £300,000.

 The LSHP supported PCTs to achieve the London HIV prevention performance target with commissioning best practice and learning sets so that over 60% achieved their trajectories.

 LSHP provided the leadership and  support to PCTs who have delivered a 25% reduction in late diagnosis of HIV over a three year period (2008-2011) resulting in the saving of some £700,000.

London’s Sexual Health 

London is disproportionately effected by sexual ill health. It affects more than 3 million Londoners each year and has a significant impact on every borough in London. This has both short and long term implications for the health and wellbeing of those who live in London.

London has the highest rates of infection (in England), with greater than 1,500 STIs per 100,000 population.

London has the  highest abortion rate at 27 per 1000 women aged 15-44 in 2008-09 as well as highest repeat abortion rate 31% aged under-25 and 19% aged-under19. 

The 2,533 new HIV diagnosis in London in 2011 accounted for half of all the new HIV diagnoses in England. 

 In London the number of people diagnosed with HIV acquired in the UK has more than doubled inthe past decade from 660 in 2001 to 1,480 in 2010

 The under-18 conceptions rate in London has continued to fall.  In 2010, the rate was 37.1 per 1000 girls aged 15-17 for London compared to the England rate of 35.4



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FREE Sexual Health Awareness Sessions
These sessions are for nurses (or similar professions) who do not work in sexual health but would appreciate a 2 hour session to enhance their basic awareness in this area of healthcare. Please see the flyer for more information.

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